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Annual Premium per Employee
(Agent 11048 Capstone)

Schedule of Benefits (S$) Plan 1
Hospital & Surgical  
1 Bed Type (includes meals and general nursing services)

4/6 Bedded Government & Restructured Hospital


As Charged up to S$15,000 per disability

2 Intensive Care Unit
3 Hospital Miscellaneous Expenses (includes Ambulance fees, prescription drugs,operating theatre fees, inpatient diagnostic procedures and other ancillary charges)
4 Surgeon's Fees
5 Anesthetist's Fees
6 In-Hospital Physician's Visit
7 Pre-Hosp/Surgery Specialist Consultation (up to 90 days before admission)
8 Pre-Hosp/Surgery Diagnostic Services (up to 90 days before admission)
9 Post-Hosp/Surgery Treatment (up to 90 days)
10 Medical Report Fee
Extended Benefits  
11 Repatriation of Mortal Remains (due Accident or Illness) 2,000
12 Special Grant 3,000















Annual Premium per Employee $60

Coverage :
1 Pre-existing conditions are covered from inception
2 Worldwide coverage if employees goes overseas for work-related assignments
3 Covers an Insured Person for illness and work-related bodily injuries in excess of WICA
4 Pro-ration factor of 65% is applicable to the payable benefits if Insured is warded into
Private Hospital or a higher class of ward.

Notes :
1 Premium excludes GST
2 Claim on GST is payable up to maximum annual limit
3 Eligible for employees age 17 to 65 years old. Renewable up to 72 years old
4 Group Fact Finding Form is required for group size 101 and above
5 We reserve the right to modify/withdraw our quotation if there is any material change in underwriting information.
6 Policy will be issued on Headcount basis.
Adjustment to the Foreign Worker headcount will be processed upon renewal.
** The drop in the headcount must not be more than 30% of the incepted/current year headcount
e.g Incepted/current headcount is 10. The drop of the headcount cannot be less than 7 foreign workers

This policy is subjected to AXA Insurance Pte Ltd's SmartCare Executive - Foreign Workers
Medical Insurance Policy Wordings.

*Note: Dear customer, due to the current COVID-19 virus scare across the world, supplies for some of the brands or products are disrupted/delayed due to logistics issues. In a scenario where the lead time is longer than the standard SLA, we will reach out to customers with the option to either go ahead or seek a refund for their order. We sincerely regret this temporary inconvenience to our valuable customers in case it arises.

In case of International deliveries of physical products (applicable only for markets outside Singapore), where the supplier imports the products from outside the local market, the customer will have to bear the additional duties & taxes as may be applied by the country directly to the relevant clearing agencies or government authorities. UP will notify the customer in such cases where the products are being shipped by the merchants from outside their home country.


INTERMEDIARY:Capstone Insurance Agency Pte Ltd

Summary of Product Information
1. The premiums exclude the Goods & Services Tax (GST) .

2. This quote is valid for 30 days from

3. Company refers to AXA INSURANCE PTE LTD

4. Basis of Coverage :

Category Plan Participation :- Compulsory/Voluntary Basis
Foreign Workers 1 Compulsory

5. Coverage:
    1) Reimbursement of eligible expenses expenses incurred by an insured Member in connection with his hospital confinement or surgery which results directly from illness or injury.
    2) Illness and injury must not be work related.

6. Age Limit Employee: up to 65 years old ( renewals will be accepted until the age of 72 )

7. Workers outside Singapore: Policy is extended to cover workers for non work-related death, illness or injury, if they are
assigned to work outside of Singapore.

8. Claims Experience :

Year Amount Paid

9. Quote based on Group Size of:

10. Estimated Total Premium:

11.Period of Insurance : One (1) year from Commencement Date

12. Annual Premium: The premium is non-guaranteed and is always subjected to revision.

13. Renewal Conditions:

14 Standard Exclusions:
There are certain conditions under which no benefits will be payable. These are stated as exclusions in the contract . The following is a list of of some exclusions for this plan and the Prospect is advised to read the Policy contract for the full exclusions:
a) Congenital Anomalies or: Congenital anomalies as well as neo-natal physical abnormalities developing within defect
six (6) months of birth.
b) Terrorism: Covered except for losses due to terrorist act using chemical and /biological substances.
c) HIV/AIDs:nSickness or disease directly or indirectly arising from sexually transmitted disease, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), any AIDS related condition, or infection by Human Immune-Deficiency Virus (HIV)
This is a short-term accident and health policy and the insurer is not required to renew this policy. The insurer may terminate this policy by giving you 30 days notice in writing.The Policy is renewable on each of Policy Renewal Date and is subject to the consent of the company.

15. Terms and Conditions
a) 30 days Waiting Period: There is no waiting period.
b) Pre-existing Illness: Covered from inception
c) Personal Health Declaration (PHD) Form: Submission of PHD form is waived.

16. Definitions
a) Pre-existing Illness: An injury or an illness which existed (or symptoms or manifestations of which existed) prior to the effective date of cover with respect to an Insured Person based on normal medically accepted pathological development of the illness, or of which the Insured Person was aware or should reasonably have been aware, irrespective of whether treatment was actually received.

17. Cancellation Clause : The Company reserves the right to cancel this Policy or any section or part of it by giving you thirty (30) days' written notice, and upon cancellation you will be granted a pro-rated refund of the total premium paid corresponding to the unexpired Period of Insurance.

18. Claims Conditions

19. The validity of this Quotation is subject to the condition precedent that:
a) for the risk quoted, the proposed insured has never had any insurance terminated in the last twelve (12) months due solely or in part to a breach of any premium payment condition; or
b) if the proposed insured has declared that it has breached any premium payment condition in respect of a previous policy taken up with another insurer in the last twelve (12) months:
  (i) the proposed insured has fully paid all outstanding premium for time on risk calculated by the previous insurer based on the customary short period rate in respect of the previous policy; and
  (ii) a copy of the written confirmation from the previous insurer to this effect is first provided by the proposed insured to the Company before cover incepts.

20. Acceptance of quote: The Prospect is required to complete the FOREIGN WORKERS PROGRAM (Compulsory) GROUP APPLICATION FORM upon acceptance of the proposed quote.

AXA Insurance Pte Ltd reserves the right to review the proposal, rates and terms and conditions
should the materials provided differs.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact your insurer or visit the GIA or SDIC websites ( or

Information is correct as at Jan 2017

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