ScreenBeam 1100 EDU Wireless Display Receiver

ScreenBeam 1100 EDU Wireless Display Receiver

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ScreenBeam 1100 allows presenters with Windows 10, macOS, iOS, or Android device to wirelessly display without requiring any apps. ScreenBeam 1100 offers a variety of secured network modes to support connection from the internal users on different subnets and external guest users.

ScreenBeam 1100 supports local Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Miracast, and wireless display over existing infrastructure network. Two or more modes can operate concurrently to support various scenarios where both internal and guest users could simply connect and project. 2 |

The ScreenBeam Wi-Fi mode provides the simplest form of network for client devices to connect and project. In this mode, user needs to connect the client device Wi-Fi to the ScreenBeam Wi-Fi and then select the receiver to mirror. This mode is ideal for guest client devices that needs wireless display and or Internet access. Internet is available if the ScreenBeam receiver is connected to the existing network, wired or wireless if bridge mode is enabled. Mobile device with cellular service can access the Internet and wireless display if bridge mode is disabled

The Wi-Fi Miracast mode allows compatible Wi-Fi Miracast devices to connect directly to ScreenBeam, even when connected to an infrastructure wireless network. Miracast is commonly available on Windows 10/8.1 and Android 4.4 (and later) devices since 2015. Users can enjoy wireless display and Internet access if the client device is already connected to Wi-Fi. 

ScreenBeam 1100 can be connected to the existing wireless or wired network and supports wireless display for client devices on either network. This is a common setup to support client devices that needs access to network resources. Additional port and network configurations may be required for this mode to work seamlessly. 

ScreenBeam 1100 can be connected to two different networks concurrently. This dual-network feature allows the flexibility of supporting wireless display for either staff (on internal network) or visitors (on guest network). Refer to the deployment guide for more details.
Minimum Requirements System Requirements
Client device from 2015 or newer with one of the following operating systems: z Windows 10 build 1709 (and later) z macOS X 10.10 (and later) z iOS 11 (and later) z Android 4.4 (and later) with Miracast

Network Requirements
For wireless display over the existing wireless network or LAN: z Ethernet: 100BASE-T 10/100 connection (1 Gbps is recommended) z Wireless: 802.11ac (5GHz is strongly recommended) z Multicast DNS (mDNS) support is required for iOS and macOS native screen mirroring to auto-discover ScreenBeam over the infrastructure network z Required ports z 5353 (UDP) for Multicast DNS (mDNS) discovery z 7100 (TCP and UDP) for macOS, iOS and Windows 10 mirroring z 7250 (TCP) for Miracast over LAN data stream z 18000-18009 (TCP) for macOS and iOS AV data

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